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Welcome to KNICE


We live in an interdependent and composite world that is changing at an exceptional pace. Preparing our children to succeed in this defying environment demands an elastic and real world based approach to education. As part of KNGI Sultanpur, KNICE has been serving the local milieu for the last 29 years and striving to develop each student to work with all vigour and values for the betterment of humankind.
The new branch we could give to society in the year 2013, which is a unique school where all the modern facilities are available to cater to the needs of new generation.

May God Bless you all with peace and prosperity and reward your noble actions with the unending bliss.  


Learning is a continuous process. We, at K.N.I.C.E., believe in creating lifelong learners. Only if the mind is trained to be open for learning, nothing remains impossible. We here work together, to provide a concept based learning assisted with basic values, good mannerisms and congenial environment. This surely will pave a concrete path for our younger generation. World around today is constantly changing at immense levels, in all directions. Our approach at K.N.I.C.E.is focused on a wholesome development, providing moral and emotional support to the children of today. Our concern is limited not only to infrastructural comfort but also to strike a balance between the emotional, physical and mental needs of the child. We aim at preparing the youth with a mindset that is ready to face the world, with well integrated Indian values and its rich culture. To be able to realize this vision, we offer an open and interactive environment that forms the basis of self-belief in children, enhancing their capabilities and sharpening their skills. Promoting a stress-free environment leads to a sense of fulfillment and hence, achievement emerges on both the sides of the table- in students as well as in teachers. I wish my team of staff members and my students, the joy of achievements and fulfillment, year after year.



I have been an educationist in the field of Science (Chemistry) at the ICSE level since 1989. Debuting at the GLENRO (better known as Dignum Tutorials) Lucknow, earned me the fame of being the most celebrated Chemistry teacher of the city, followed by a call from La Martiniere College in August 1994. No sooner did I join the College than I became a permanent member of staff (April, 1995).
From setting milestones of excellence in Academics at La Martiniere in past 21 years, to pioneering the Co-Curricular Activities(CCA) Department in College, my contribution to the College at all levels has been applauded by one and all. Since past five years I have also been TheHead of Department (HoD) of Co-Curricular Activities. Apart from actively engaging students in activities covering-cultural, literary and technical aptitudes, both at city and national levels, I take pride in stating that the conception, inception and execution of interschool and national level events were framed and successfully applauded with the establishment of CCA department under me.   
I would, in addition, like to mention that counseling children of senior classes as a part of my co-ordination functions, have led quite a few reach their target universities abroad, which gives me a great sense of satisfaction and pride.

Moreover, having been a Council Examiner, year after year, I’m extremely well versed with ICSE/ISC Rules & Regulations. To add to another feather in my cap, I have authored the Best Selling Chemistry Text Books titled, “Candid ChemistryText book& Nova Lab Manual : Evergreen Publications” for Classes IX and X apart from A Self Study for Class X (Evergreen Publications)  which has also found a place in ICSE Prescribed Textbook List in various schools all over the country.
Having been a teacher and coordinator, gathering experience not only with students but also with parents, teachers and staff of all levels, I find in myself an enthusiastic learner ready to take challenges of different kinds in the field of education.
Donning triumphantly the hat of an Educationist, Author and Administrator has given me the dignity with which I aim to take the responsibility of this post, in facilitating the grooming of the young minds- with conceptual education and grounded ethics.


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